Clipping Path Service


What is clipping path?

Clipping path is also called vector path that is much closed to the image shape or edge, purpose to cut out an image by Photoshop or any other photo editing software. One can use it depending on one’s desire or needs. To change original image color or remove the image background; clipping path is applied.

After making a path on desired image area it is selected for applying the next step of one’s requirement. People use the service to convert image to a new look or preferred shape.


Clipping path is categorized into the names like as: Silo path or deep etch, multiple path, color path to name a few.

Silo: There needs to create a single outline path around an image.

Multipath: In multiple paths (inclusive and exclusive) there needs to create lots of path around every part of an image.  One common use of clipping path is to discard unexpected elements or objects of image.

Color path: Color path is applied actually around the edge of an image. Here it is very important to keep eyes on accuracy.

Why use?

It uses considering the viewer’s attraction or how a viewer likes most. For any advertisement of a new product clipping path is more essential service that makes an image more powerful look as a company loves to represent it to a new audience.

How to process?

There are a different types of image editing software usually use for Clipping path work. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are most useful and preferable to Graphics artists.

Who needs?

Clipping path is being commonly used for photographers, web development company, online image shop, prepress company, E-commerce Company and there are lots of image editing companies in the world.

The offer of Clipping USA:

Clipping USA offers the clipping path services as follows: Clipping path/Image Silo/ Photo Clipping/ Image Clipping/ Outline path, Photo cut out, Multi path,  Color path, Clipping mask, background remove/ removal background.

It also offers image manipulation, Image Masking, photo Retouching (product retouch, jewelry retouch, wedding photo retouch, photo restoration, glamour retouch, spot/dust/scratches retouch), Neck Joint/ghost manipulation, Drop Shadow, Reflection shadow, Natural Shadow, Vector Conversion, Logo Design, image enhancement, and any other image editing services at reasonable price.