Clipping USA is a leading source of low cost online Image editing company located in Maryland, USA. It has a professional team who work for 24/7 very efficiently. The production schedule is divided into THREE SHIFTS purpose to match your regional time & ensure the maximum quality issue.  Clipping USA explores the work and access talent on a global extent. But keeps effort to know the client’s demand and gives importance to their expected requirements. Clipping USA is committed to giving you the very best of service with a focus on the uniqueness of trust, reliability, reasonable price and communication. Hope that you will have the benefit of our services as much as we love offering them to you.

Clipping USA provides the services as follows: Clipping path service– (outline path, color path, image silo, clipping mask, multi path/multiple clipping path, Photo cut out, cut out image,  Background removal or deep etching service. Photoshop masking service– (Image masking/Photo masking, hair masking, alpha channel masking). Photo retouching service– (wedding photo editing, model retouch, product retouch, jewelry retouch, image enhancement, photo restoration). Shadow creation service– (drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow). Image manipulation service– neck joint/ghost manipulation. Color correction service– Color changing, Color adjustment. Logo design service– creative logo design for e-commerce or multi-national company and raster to vector conversion services. We believe in professionalism to make a bridge bond with our clients. We use stare of art technologies to ensure better and satisfactory result. We have formulated long run extended capability in an extensive range of developing as well as usual areas to confirm undefeated quality at special rates.

Key Features of Clipping USA

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Ø Frequent Quality Checking System
Ø 100% Money Back Guarantee
Ø High Speed Internet
Ø Easy and flexible system for upload and download files
Ø Safe FTP System
Ø Reserved Team in order to Urgent Delivery

We work on influential workstations and high speed optical fiber connection with Backup. We have Full featured Web Server, both LOCAL and WAN with state of the art software for production. We work with the image-studios, advertising agencies, photographers, magazine agency, printing press, catalog companies and graphic design companies.

We always focus on solving our client’s problem in the ways that exactly make sense for them. This is the time to rethink about your past experiences of costing, time, quality or all about your satisfaction to service with past or existing service provider.



Image Masking

MaskingImage masking service is one of the fundamental image editing systems. It is applied to remove the background of photo which has hair portions or blurred edges. We can remove, extract or separate a thing from the rest of the image using the masking method.

Clipping USA has a dedicated and devoted professional who deals a variety of photo editing services as clipping path, photo retouching, image masking, image manipulation, shadow creation, image enhancement and raster to vector conversion service. Even though image masking is one of the lengthiest jobs, our professionals are extremely qualified and able to work faster as maintaining the feature.

Clipping USA assures that all your image masking jobs are raised to impart you quality service at very reasonable price. Your image masking demands are handled by the experts to get you supreme quality. We contribute you the outstanding services.

Image masking is not a simple task. In fact it is timely and effortful. The difficulty is depends on the quality and style of the image. Our reliable creative artists put their essence into every image masking jobs they attempt.

Although the density of the image masking absorbs a lot of time you can choose the tool needed for image masking. As example, hair masking is a dispute in image masking which is taken on by just the very greatest in the area.

Layer masking holds a distinct benefit over other kinds of masking as they permit to achieve a change, which outcome in the least quantity of image masking. This remarkable masking procedure can be used to any object in a reduced picture for a professional outcome with a radical sharp photo for your portal. At Clipping USA, we evaluate your image before settling on the masking process to approve to present an output par quality.

Clipping Path Service


What is clipping path?

Clipping path is also called vector path that is much closed to the image shape or edge, purpose to cut out an image by Photoshop or any other photo editing software. One can use it depending on one’s desire or needs. To change original image color or remove the image background; clipping path is applied.

After making a path on desired image area it is selected for applying the next step of one’s requirement. People use the service to convert image to a new look or preferred shape.


Clipping path is categorized into the names like as: Silo path or deep etch, multiple path, color path to name a few.

Silo: There needs to create a single outline path around an image.

Multipath: In multiple paths (inclusive and exclusive) there needs to create lots of path around every part of an image.  One common use of clipping path is to discard unexpected elements or objects of image.

Color path: Color path is applied actually around the edge of an image. Here it is very important to keep eyes on accuracy.

Why use?

It uses considering the viewer’s attraction or how a viewer likes most. For any advertisement of a new product clipping path is more essential service that makes an image more powerful look as a company loves to represent it to a new audience.

How to process?

There are a different types of image editing software usually use for Clipping path work. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are most useful and preferable to Graphics artists.

Who needs?

Clipping path is being commonly used for photographers, web development company, online image shop, prepress company, E-commerce Company and there are lots of image editing companies in the world.

The offer of Clipping USA:

Clipping USA offers the clipping path services as follows: Clipping path/Image Silo/ Photo Clipping/ Image Clipping/ Outline path, Photo cut out, Multi path,  Color path, Clipping mask, background remove/ removal background.

It also offers image manipulation, Image Masking, photo Retouching (product retouch, jewelry retouch, wedding photo retouch, photo restoration, glamour retouch, spot/dust/scratches retouch), Neck Joint/ghost manipulation, Drop Shadow, Reflection shadow, Natural Shadow, Vector Conversion, Logo Design, image enhancement, and any other image editing services at reasonable price.